Why Resistance Training Is an Important Part of Your Fitness Journey

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Can you really be 100% fit without undergoing some training or exercises to boost your resistance level?

Don't get it twisted, being fit is not all about resistance but more often than not, it constitutes a large portion of your overall fitness level.

What is Resistance Training?

It is the process whereby you resist the contraction of the particular muscle you are working out, to build endurance, size and strength. It can be otherwise referred to as strength training.

It basically combines those set of exercises that will automatically make your muscles become stronger when you do them diligently, repeatedly and consistently.

The most important part of the three rules above is the "Consistently". You can not possibly do it once in two months or twice in four weeks and expect any visible change in your body or fitness level. It must be carried out at least 3-4 times every single week for you to achieve good and consistent results.

It is important that a very comprehensive fitness program should include strength or resistance training for the improvement and development of bone, tendons, muscles, ligaments and joints. It should also be inclusive of but not limited to aerobic/anaerobic exercises for the improvement and proper functioning of the kidney, heart, liver and digestive system. Let's not also forget to include balance and flexibility exercises even though this might not be totally compulsory for everyone due to a number of factors. The Australia’s physical activity and sedentary behavior guideline has even further recommended that adults should perform resistance training exercises at least twice a week if they are really interested in living a healthy life.

The advancement in technology has brought about a lot of resistance training exercises that can be performed at the gym and even right in the comfort of your home with or without any gym equipment.

These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Lifting of training tools such as dumbbells, kettlebells and barbells.

  • Lifting of Weighted Balls or Sandbags.

  • Squats, Push-ups, Pull-ups, etc.

  • Use of resistance bands.

Now, an important question to ask is...

Why Is Resistance Training an Important Aspect of Your Journey to Overall Fitness?

Resistance Training Absolute Fitness TX

There are a number of reasons so let's take a look at some of them.

1. Toning of Your Muscles and Improved Muscle Strength.

When you engage yourself in rigorous resistance training, you are working out your core muscles which will get stronger and carved out better making you look like Dwayne Johnson or Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime. Furthermore, it helps protect your joint by

strengthening it too.

2. Maintaining Flexibility and Balance

Resistance Training exercises are also known to help you be more flexible and solid on the ground. After a few months of these trainings, you notice you just have this confidence while standing as if to say "Nobody can move me from this ground".

3. Weight Management

These exercises would naturally make an overweight or obese person lose a whole lot of weight and give them muscles instead making them look way more healthy than they used to. It helps these set of people to be very mobile, in other words, moving around becomes easier and less strenuous for them.

4. Great Stamina

When the effect of resistance training exercises finally kick in, your stamina level hits the roof and you suddenly notice you don't get tired as easily as you used to even after doing rigorous work.

5. Prevention and Control of Some Diseases

These exercises are great for the control or outright prevention of some illnesses such as depression, back pain, arthritis, heart disease and diabetes.

6. Improved Posture

Have you ever come across an athlete with a bad body posture? It's extremely rare and when you find such a situation, it's due to the fact that the exercises done by the person were not done properly or with the right equipment. So if you have been thinking of looking better while you stand, walk, run or even eat, then resistance exercises are the right way for you to go. It also makes your body naturally resistant to injuries.

7. Improved Sense of Being

Most times, engaging in resistance training activities may boost your self-confidence, ego, mood and improve how you look at yourself.

8. Sleep Improvement

Resistance Training exercises are even prescribed by medical practitioners sometimes to people who find it difficult to sleep or have insomnia as these trainings work up the muscle to a very tired extent where they have no choice but to rest so they can heal properly.

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